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What is "Nagasaki's postal delivery", which is already out of print?

A 16-year-old postman who was bombed in Nagasaki

This is a documentary story written based on the experience of Sumiteru Taniguchi.

British writer Peter Townsend, who visited Nagasaki for the first time in 1978, heard a story that was so moving and shocking on the day he met the two A-bomb survivors, and from the experience of touching a part of Nagasaki's agony. I decided to write a story about Nagasaki. We started a full-scale investigation in 1982, met one of the A-bomb survivors, Sumiteru Taniguchi, went to his house, and repeated discussions with his knees for a month, day after day, until midnight. .. Then, after interviewing more A-bomb survivors, spending time with them, breathing the air of the city of Nagasaki, walking for dozens of kilometers, not only the A-bomb survivors but also doctors, scientists, sociologists and religions. He collected a number of valuable testimonies from leaders and military personnel, published in England and France under the title of "The Postman of Nagasaki" in 1984, and was widely featured in book reviews in newspapers and magazines in both countries. For the first time, this book, which tells how terrifying the atomic bomb and its aftereffects are, describes the tragedy of a boy who was bombed and the painful struggle that followed, with a lyric writing that directly conveys the horror of the atomic bomb and the pain of the victims. It was a moving documentary story that was drawn, and at the same time, its lyric expression was acclaimed in each magazine.

Published in 1985 Published by Hayakawa Publishing 

Mr. Sumiteru Taniguchi immediately after the bombing



The story was written by a hero of the Royal Air Force,

After that, the tragic love of the century with Princess Margaret was in the movie "Roman Holiday".

It is Peter Townsend who is said to have become a model.

The author, Peter Townsend, was named the hero of the "Battle of Britain" by winning numerous martial arts as a fighter pilot of the Royal Air Force during World War II. After retiring, he served as a samurai warrior of George VI and an air attaché with the Brussels Embassy, during which time he became world-famous for his love with Princess Margaret. Originally born in Burma (now Myanmar), Townsend had a special feeling for the Orient, and since his first visit to Japan in 1957, he has been deeply impressed by the traditional ties with England. After retiring, he became a freelance journalist and contemporary history writer, and in 1978 he left England to travel the world to write books for children who were victims of the war, and of course visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In both cities, I was impressed by the stories told by people who experienced the atomic bomb when they were boys and girls, and one day I decided to write a story on this theme. In Japan, the French version was translated and published by Hayakawa Publishing in 1985 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the end of the war. And even though the excerpt was taken up over 18 pages in the Sanseido version of the high school's national language textbook, it soon became out of print and difficult to obtain. Twenty years later, in 2005, Ms. Setsuko Yokokawa, the representative of the publishing company, was the founder, and a "reissue meeting" was established by citizen volunteers, and the publication was reissued.


Peter Townsend

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Roman holiday

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