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This project

To make "Nagasaki's postal delivery" a "textbook of peace" in this country

Sustainable publishing activity.

再版に対する想い。「ナガサキの郵便配達制作プロジェクト」代表 齋藤芳弘

It all started when I heard about the republishing of "Nagasaki's Postal Delivery" from documentary film director Mika Kawase. Immediately I searched for a secondhand bookstore, bought a book, and read it all at once. The horror of the atomic bomb, the fear of war, and the Japanese government that went into war through the horrific experience of the 16-year-old Sumiteru Taniguchi, who was bombed in Nagasaki 70 years ago during the delivery of mail, and his life after that. Why did the Japanese people, the Potsdam Conference and the United States, who pushed afterwards, drop the atomic bombs in Japan, which was almost surrendered, and the pilot's heart in the cockpit at the moment of the atomic bombing? It is a documentary novel composed of two narratives, a dramatic story and objective facts, such as the uplifting and the realistic remarks of the Gozen Kaigi that led to the surrender of the Japanese army. Everything written was new to me. As a Japanese who has lived to this age and is the only country to be bombed, I was surprised and impressed by the embarrassment that I didn't know about this. In particular, tears overflowed in the depiction of the moment when the atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. Anyway, after reading the book, I would like to meet Mr. Taniguchi. It was that. Then, I went to Nagasaki with Mr. Kawase and met Mr. Taniguchi. Mr. Taniguchi talked about the movement to eradicate the atomic bomb, which he is still involved in at the age of 88, and when he gave a speech in New York in May, he talked with his eyes shining like a boy. .. What can I do now for this person? I thought that not only republishing this book, but also republishing this book should be able to do more meaningful things. I want as many people as possible to read this book. To that end, why not make the book as cheap as possible and make the publication of this book a peace movement? Donations are solicited and publication is started, and the reader makes a donation. The donation will be used for reprinting. Solicit donations while printing a book, and print a book while soliciting donations. The person who reads first. The person who donates first. We ask all people to donate and repeat the edition. Endless and sustainable publishing activities. I thought that this is what I read and connect. I want to hand it to elementary and junior high school students for free. Last year, 70 years after the war, both houses of the Diet were forced to pass the vote, despite repeated demonstrations in various parts of Japan against security-related bills. War always starts in the Diet. Who is politics for? Politics is to protect the happiness and peaceful life of each of us. The Peace Constitution, which we have been proud of to the world, is now beginning to change into a rattling noise. Making it possible to use weapons overseas while saying proactive pacifism is the same idea as having nuclear weapons, while saying deterrence. Currently, there is no nuclear bomb in Japan, but we have 47 tons of plutonium, which is the same as the one used for the atomic bomb in Nagasaki. It is possible to make 10,000 atomic bombs with this amount. Nuclear power plants and atomic bombs are closely related to each other with the same technology for producing nuclear fuel. Nuclear weapons and humankind cannot coexist. In order for human beings to live as human beings, no nuclear weapon must be left on the earth. By reading this book forever, the sadness of war and the horror of the atomic bomb will be engraved in the hearts of each of us, leading to the abolition of nuclear weapons and the spirit of Article 9 of the Constitution that will never cause war. I hope it helps you even a little.


Yoshihiro Saito, Head of Postal Delivery Production Project for Nagasaki

ナガサキの郵便配達制作プロジェクトでは、核保有国、その他の国の原語での出版を目指しております。現在、スロベニア語版、英語版が出版され、ドイツ語版、フランス語版の翻訳が進行中です。各国とも装丁は同じデザインで、国によって色を変え「平和の教科書」として世界中で読まれ続ける事を願っています。 2021.8.31現在




Request for support and cooperation for the project.

Delivering "Nagasaki's postal delivery" to as many people as possible,

We are looking for donations for production costs so that we can continue reading forever.

You can do as many times as you like per person.

Of the "Nagasaki Mail Delivery Production Project" below

Please transfer to your postal account or bank account.

About payment method

■ The only payment method is transfer from various financial institutions.


■ Issuance of receipt

If you would like a receipt, please contact the secretariat below. I will send it to you at a later date.

The date of the receipt will be the date of payment to "Nagasaki's Postal Delivery Production Project".


■ Cannot be canceled

Once you have applied for a donation, you cannot cancel it for any reason.

Please check carefully before proceeding.


■ Inquiries

General Incorporated Association "Nagasaki's Postal Delivery Production Project" Secretariat / Donation Manager

1-7-10 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo YK Surugadai Building B1F

TEL 03-6821-7702 / FAX 03-6821-5704 / MAIL

"Nagasaki's Postal Delivery Production Project" Donation Reception Account

● Post office

Account number symbol: 00100-4-292425

Account name: Nagasaki's postal delivery production project


● Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Jimbocho Branch (Usually) 2183695

Account name: Nagasaki's postal delivery production project

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